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northern webWhen my band, Northern was ready for a website, I volunteered to learn the craft and the rest is history.  I have been doing websites for five years; it is something that I truly love to do.  The interactive aspect of a website really brings a new level to the design process that I enjoy.  It is not uncommon for me to spend several hours straight working on a website and not even notice the time!

Content Management Websites:
The type of sites that I do are called Content Management Systems (CMS).  A CMS site provides the end user with a simple platform for adding, removing and updating site content, photos, videos, newsletters etc… I set up the website, then instruct the client on how to maintain the content themselves if they so choose.  

I work in two mediums: Joomla, for high powered, customizable sites, and Wordpress for simple, clean, easy to use Blog-type websites. Both provide the end user with an impressive, professional website that is easy to maintain and can grow as the user's needs evolve.

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Below are  links to some of the websites that I have worked on:

           real estate website         retail furniture website           financial website
portlandia web eco web piper web
        remodeling  website           concrete website        custom woodwork site
raven web gwc web corracci web
small business ecommerce site              author blog          coin collector site

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ecopdx furniture

ecopdx is proud to offer durable and solid furniture made from 100% salvaged and sustainable hardwoods. We have a huge showroom in Portland, OR. A company that utilizes sinker logs and trees fallen in earthquakes and landslides to create completely unique and highly stable pieces. We use local trees from storm damage and lumber from building deconstruction to create our custom pieces for our loyal customers.

DKD Services: Logo Design, Web Design, Business Collateral Design.